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Inspectors Are Eyes and Ears On The Street At For Online Auction Buyers

posted by cionet 8:30 AM
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New website is an online meeting place for people who have made an online purchase or transacting business in a remote location with qualified agents located nearby who can check it out for them.

March 14, 2012 – A new website, , will provide “eyes and ears, feet-on-the-street” for buyers, who cannot, physically, check out an item themselves before making a online purchase. The site will be an online meeting place for people who are interested in making an online purchase or transacting business in a remote location with qualified agents located nearby who can check it out for them.

Online Auction Inspectors and Appraisers Bloodhound“I might be interested in an armoire being sold by an art & antiques auction site,” says one frustrated buyer, “but a thumbnail photo and short description just doesn’t tell me all I need to know about its condition. I need someone to look it over for me before I finalize my bid.” will target buyers in four primary categories: industrial equipment auctions, art & antiques auctions, auto auctions and private sales, real estate auctions, private sales and rentals. The site is also set up to help people who are considering an online transaction and need to have an item “checked out” upfront, such as vacation properties and timeshares, personal property and collectibles, even pets. can become an important source of income for professional appraisers, freelance consultants or students. Since the site will aggregate requests from all over the world, opportunities will exist to check out, and report on, an auction for dozens potential buyers in one visit. For example, a qualified Service Provider will be able to find 30 shoppers on and charge each $100 to check out a large auction. is now actively encouraging those who have experience and expertise in these areas to visit the site to register. Potential service providers need to complete a short application, listing their credentials and experience in their field. Later on, buyers all over the world will be invited to post requests for service, detailing what they need to have checked out, where it is located and what information they need to help with their purchase decision. will then notify potential service providers to respond to the request for service.

The two parties use the site to agree on the services to be performed and the price to be paid. The purchaser needs to establish contact with the seller to assure that the provider has access to the item to be checked out. The agent, or service provider, then checks out the item, files a report on, and payment is transacted on the site. For privacy purposes, the purchaser and service provider remain anonymous to each other.

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We invite inspectors and appraisers to visit to become Bloodhounds for the online auction industry.

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